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Maximize reliability, Minimize repairs, Reduce long term cost, and 

Mitigate Legal Exposure


Facility Managers prefer to contract with Generator and Power Systems Service for regular maintenance services.  Facilities with qualified in-house technical personnel often can perform some of the required preventive maintenance, while GPSS works with the staff- training manning compliance schedules.  Our Preventive Maintenance plan is cost effective, ensures routine compliance and timely repairs. For those facilities without in-hose staff, outsourcing your preventive maintenance is the a perfect cost effective solution.  

Preventive maintenance for power backup generators plays a critical role in maximizing the reliability of these standby systems and reducing the severe financial and life threatening safety risks associated with the loss of power.

A scheduled maintenance program ensures that your automatic generator is always in top operating condition and warranty requirements are being met. 


Our comprehensive and custom service agreement plan ensure your equipment gets the proper regular maintenance to keep it running at optimal level.  With our preventive and predictive maintenance, you'll know about potential problems before breakdowns occur, providing you the opportunity to schedule repairs at your convenience. 


The best way to avoid being stuck without power is to reserve a backup generator early in the season when demand costs are lower.

Emergency backup power generators become much more expensive and harder to find once a storm hits and the power goes out. 

Generator and Power Systems Supply specializes in high quality, mobile, diesel and natural gas generations that are available for rent, long-term lease, or sale.  Reserve a backup generator today and guarantee that you or your business won't be left in the dark.


1. Disaster Contingency Plan

It is strongly recommended that your facility have a policy in place in the event of disaster.


2. Mobile Diesel Generator

Reserve now for guaranteed availability and lower costs.


3. Diesel Fuel

Reserve diesel fuel with your generator and keep the generator fully fueled and on-site where it may be used. Fuel shortages are a real possibility during emergencies and transporting fuel or generators may not be possible as roads can be damaged or impassable in a serious storm.


4. Cables to hook up your generator

During an outage cables can be as hard to find as the generator itself.


5. Advance Reservation

Don't wait until a storm hits because there will be high local demand on all available generators.

At Generator and Power Systems Supply, we have an expert team ready to help you prepare for any emergency power need. We'll work with you to develop a backup power plan that works for you and your business.  Contact us today!


At Generator and Power Systems Supply, rents generators to fit just about any application, with units ranging from 20-2000KW.  For maximum mobility, all units are skid mounted on fuel tank basses or trailer/van mounted (depending on size).

Turn Key Services Available 24/7

  • Installation & Removal of rental equipment 

  • Maintenance

  • All Equipment EPA/CARB Certified

  • All Equipment Sound Attenuated

  • Engineering & Emergency Planning Assistance

Rental Equipment Available 

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