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Preventive & PredictiveMaintenance

Maximize reliability, minimizing repairs, and reducing long term costs. Remote monitoring 24/7.

Emergency Repairs

24/7/365 Repair Service-Regardless of brand of manufacturer.

Power Outage Contingency Plan

Rental Contingency provides peace of mind from uninterrupted operations. Hurricane Reserve Program.  Plan for the worst.

Repair & Maintenance

Transfer Switch and Fire Pump Maintenance. Load Banking, Infrared Testing & Fuel/Oil/Coolant Sampling.

Fuel Service

Emergency fuel delivery and guaranteed planned delivery service.

Sales & Rentals

Export- Refurbished & Certified program for buying & selling preowned generators.


GPSS is certified, trained and experienced in working with a wide range of generators- regardless of brand or manufacturer

Cummins    Generac   Kohler    Waukesha   MTU

Hi-Tec    Detroit    and more



Preventive maintenance plays a critical role in maximizing the reliability of a generator and reduces the severe financial and life-safety risks associated with loss of power.  GPSS will work with you to put together a preventative maintenance plan based on your operations, your critical work flow, and budget requirements; maximizing reliability, minimizing repairs and reducing long term costs. 


Generator and Power Systems Service offers a holistic approach to preventative maintenance that covers a host of routine inspections to predictive technologies that can head off catastrophic failures and costly repairs.  GPSS has a dedicated team of experienced certified EPG technicians with the ability to service your entire critical power network regardless of brand or manufacturer.  We have been servicing mission critical facilities with reliable Preventative Maintenance,  Predictive Maintenance, Repairs, Sales & Disaster Planning for over a decade.


We'll ensure a safe, reliable source of power for your emergencies, planned outages supplementary power backup and events. Whether you are looking for a way to increase uptime or a proactive means of managing your assets or managing critical life support, GPSS will work with you to build a custom plan around your needs.



Generator and Power Systems Service
can help with all your regulatory compliance.

Emergency standby power is mandatory for any application where mission-critical operations require an uninterrupted supply of power- regardless of whether this power is used for making secure financial transactions, setting the uptime requirements of a large data centers, or supporting life-saving procedures in healthcare facilities.

Mission critical facilities at risk include:

Government offices, police, fire departments, airports and water/sewage treatment plants.

Hospitals are required by the Joint Commission to have have backup power capabilities.  Hospital preparedness and well functioning backup systems should not be a a distraction from daily business.

Preparedness is not simply a hoop to jump through to satisfy the Joint Commission, but rather a fundamental duty.  GPSS will ensure power without interruption,  so your company can operate without interruption. 

It's 9:00 p.m.  The hospital is operating at 90% capacity.  You hear of severe storms causing power outages and learn that these storms will be intensifying as they reach your hospital.  electric utility officials do not anticipate long-term power interruptions for your facility, but are not making offering any guarantees. You are planning an emergency meeting with your hospital engineers to mitigate any potential risks.  Are you prepared for a widespread or extended power outage?


Preventive maintenance for power backup generators plays a critical role in maximizing the reliability of these standby systems and reducing the severe financial and life-safety risks associated with the loss of power. 

A recent study by the Department of Energy found that financial losses from power outages at data centers ranged from $20,000 to $3 million per occurrence.  Public health and safety cannot be measured in dollars.

As the risk of financial loss due to an outage escalates, so does the justification for standby power systems that meet more than just minimum safety or electrical code needs.

Preventive maintenance also minimizes the need for costly repairs and reduces equipment life cycle costs.  By following generally recognized maintenance procedures and application specific manufacturer recommendations, facilities can be assured that their standby power power systems will start and run when needed. 






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